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Whether to serve up a lavish breakfast, cut bread or take a pizza out of the oven, this attractive chopping board made from natural colour wood is the perfect tool. Pizza fits comfortably on the board and can be easily cut into slices. Unlike a plate, it is non-slip, so everything stays where it's supposed to. This chopping board is also ideal for a daily snack. It is handy, looks inviting and appetising and is also suitable for chopping up fresh fruit or meat. Bite-sized snacks look delicious on it too! It has a smooth, clean finish and remains absolutely flat on the table. In short, it is hygienic thanks to its extremely hard surface, does not affect taste, is safe for use with knives, and can be decoratively hung on any kitchen wall. The advantage for your company: the large surface of the chopping board can be printed with your advertisement or logo and is a great springboard for your company.

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430 mm x 13 mm x ⌀ 300 mm

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